Sandviksfjellet is located north of Fløyen and the city centre, and is popular for hiking and exercise.

About Sandviksfjellet

From Sandviksfjellet, you can enjoy one of the best views in Bergen. The view is of the city centre, the city fjord, the island of Askøy, and the other mountains surrounding Bergen. From Sandviksfjellet you have several hiking opportunities, including hiking to Rundemanen and Fløyen.

How to get there

The two most popular paths to the top are the challenging Stoltzekleiven and the more moderate Skredderdalen. Both paths begin at Fjellveien.

  • One option to begin the hike is to walk to Fjelleveien from Byparken
  • You can also walk to the start of Stoltzekleiven from Byparken.
  • Additionally, you can walk to the start of Skredderdalen from Byparken
  • If you want to start by bus, you can hop on almost every bus running in the northern direction from Festplassen, Torget (Fish market), or Bryggen to reduce your walk somewhat. Search for the best transit options the Skyss Travel Planner (you can also use the map available on their travel planner to find a bus stop close to the trail head you want to use). 

The Hikes

  • If you want to hike Skredderdalen, you can take a look at this map to see a route that begins at Fjellveien, 3.11 km. 
  • Or, offers a map of a route that includes Stoltzekleiven, 8.8 km. is only available in English but is a very useful guidde for the Norwegian mountains. Take a look and keep Google translate handy if needed. 
  • If you are looking for suggestions for other routes for your adventure to Sandviksfjellet, check out the interactive map at to search for more options. In order to limit searches to hiking trips, select "fotturer" only. You will also have to zoom in on Bergen in order to search for routes. 

Please be familiar with safe hiking practices while in Norway. If you are new to hiking, make sure to go with experienced hikers or join an a group that offers experienced tour leaders, such as BSI. For more information about hikes in the Bergen area, you may also wish to explore the Hiking around Bergen, Norway Facebook page

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