Løvstakken is close to the city, with a magnificent view of the sea, the city and the other mountains surrounding Bergen.

About Løvstakken

At 477 meters, Løvstakken is the highest of the western city mountains. At the top you will find what is probably the most elaborate cairn in Bergen. Løvstakken was also the favorite mountain of the famous composer Edvard Grieg. UT.no indicates hiking Løvstakken is ~2.1 km each way. UT.no is a useful tool but is only available in Norwegian so keep Google translate handy and paste the text in if needed. More information about Løvstakken can be found here including information about starting from multiple trail heads, with time and difficulty estimates from each. 

How to get there

Løvstakken is easy to reach by foot or transit from the city center.

  • The most commonly used route is from Danmarksplass, but you can also walk over Puddefjorden bridge and up from Gyldenpris
  • From Danmarksplass, walk to the Ny Krohnborg school, and continue upwards. You will find signs guiding you in the right direction. When you have reached above the highest located houses, there is a gravel road at first, then a foothpack. The hike is a bit steep at first, then the intensity decreases closer to the top.
  • If you wish to take public transit to the start of the hike, you can search for your best options on the Skyss Travel Planner. There is a stop for Ny Kronborg Skole (from Festplassen take bus 13), or Gyldenpris N (from Olav Kyrres Gate take bus 16) for example.   
  • You can also see directions to multiple trail heads by exploring the links under 'Trail descriptions' at this site.  

The hike

Please be familiar with safe hiking practices while in Norway. If you are new to hiking, make sure to go with experienced hikers or join an a group that offers experienced tour leaders, such as BSI. For more information about hikes in the Bergen area, you may also wish to explore the Hiking around Bergen, Norway Facebook page