Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains at 643 meters. It boasts a beautiful view over the Bergen peninsula.

About Ulriken

Ulriken is a landmark in Bergen. It is famous for its cable car and the characteristic television transmitter tower at its summit. On the top of the mountain, you will find a small store and a restaurant, as well as panoramic views over the city and the surrounding areas. Ulriken offers many different hiking opportunities, some more challenging than others. Take a look here for some more information and helpful maps related to hiking Ulriken.

How to get there

You can search for the best public transit options for you on the Skyss Travel Planner or take a look at our transportation guide. Below are some options for traveling from the city centre depending on where you plan to start the hike.

From Haukeland University Hospital: 

  • Walking from the city center to Haukeland will take approximately 45 minutes. 
  • An alternative is to take bus number 2, 3 or 80 from Småstrandgaten/Exhibition. From the bus stop 'Haukeland sykehus Nord' you can follow the signs towards Ulriksbanen cable car. The trail follows the path of the cable car at first. 

From Montana: 

  • Walking from the city center to Montana will take approximately 60 minutes.
  • Or, bus number 12 from Festplassen stops at Montana. From Montana you follow the ski road / lighted trail, and from the trail you can choose different trails to the top (signposted), some steep and some less challenging. 

The Hike

  • If you plan to start behind Haukeland, you may wish to use this route to Ulriken, 1.9 km. Ut.no is only available in Norwegian but is a very useful tool so keep Google translate handy if needed. This hike is rather steep and challenging. From Ulriksbanen cable car ~40-70 minutes.
  • If you plan to start at Montana, you may wish to use this Montana - Skiveien - Ulriken route, 3.5 km.  
  • You can also explore other routes on UT.no's interactive map, zoom in on Bergen and deselect all options except "fotturer" in order to limit results to hiking. Depending on the trail you chose, the estimated time from Montana is 30 - 60 minutes.

Hiking opportunities from Ulriken

Vidden - The Bergen Mountain Plateau

Nubben - Mountain Lake 

  • Walking down from Ulriken, you can follow the trail known as Korketrekkeren southward. When you reach the ski road /light trail, continue following this road south for a few hundred meters more to Nubben, a popular swimming lake in the summer.

Please be familiar with safe hiking practices while in Norway. If you are new to hiking, make sure to go with experienced hikers or join an a group that offers experienced tour leaders, such as BSI. For more information about hikes in the Bergen area, you may also wish to explore the Hiking around Bergen, Norway Facebook page