Swimming Spots in Bergen

Bergen has many beautiful places to swim or just dip ones toe, all within walking or cycling distance from the city centre—perfect for sunny summer days (or a quick winter dip if you're feeling brave).

With 23 public bathing places and several other bathing options and beaches, there are plenty to do on a hot summer day. 

With the option of sea water, fresh water, sea baths, swimming pools and beaches, you really can find something for everyone. From May to August, Bergen municipality updates the bathing water quality measurements and temperatures weekly here: public bathing spots (information in Norwegian).

Swimming in the sea

Throw yourself into the city fjord!

Nordnes Sea Bath (Nordnes sjøbad)

Nordnes sjøbad is located within Nodnesparken in Bergen, right next door to the aquarium. Nordnes sjøbad has a diving tower, a 25m heated salt water pool, as well as a diving board where you can dive straight into the fjord! Located on the far west end of Nordnesparken, you can enter the pool area from the stairs in the park above. The pool has flexible opening hours depending on weather, and you can view the current opening hours for Nordnes Sjøbad. The summer season lasts from June to September while the winter season starts in mid-October and ends around Easter.

Sandviken Sea Bath (Sandviken sjøbad) 

Located close to the Old Bergen Museum you will find Sandviken sjøbad (also known by locals as Elsesro). With a floating jetty, diving board, lawn, and barbecue area, Sandviken sjøbad is a lovely place to spend a summer day! Access to this spot is through the museum (you do not have to pay entrance just for swimming), and above the hill by the duck pond. Closest busstopp is Old Bergen. 

Sydnes Sea Bath (Sydnes sjøbad)

Sydnes sjøbad is located close to Hurtigruteren Terminal in Jekteviken. Sydnes is within walking distance from Bergen City Centre and has a jetty and a ladder for entering into the water. This is not a public bathing place, which means the water quality and temperature is not as frequently measured as the public ones. 

Swimming in the mountains

There isn't much better than a refeshing dip in the water after a long hiking trip! But make sure you check the signs before you jump in, some of the mountain lakes are drinking water sources for Bergen, which means you can't swim in those.

If you're unsure on which water you can swim in, you can find an overview here. (information in Norwegian)


Nubbevatnet, also referred to as 'Nubben' by the locals, is a fresh water lake near Baunehytten (Baune cabin) on Landåsfjellet (Landås Mountain). You can find Nubbevatnet by either following the road up from Montans, via ‘Hesteskoen’ from Nattlandsfjellet, or through ‘sikksakken’ (the zig zag) on Landåsfjellet. You can also stop at Nubbevatnet on the way down from Ulriken!


Skomakerdiket is a fresh water lake on Fløyen, near the top Fløibanen station. This lake is easy to get to and is accesible for prams. There is a new cafe called Skomakerstuen, that serves coffee and light snack. You can find lean-tos and benches to relax around the lake and in the summer you can rent a canoe!  

Stoltzekleiven to Sandviksfjellet  

Stoltzekleiven to Sandviksfjellet is a popular route with several lakes where you can swim! If you come up from Stoltzekleiven, Storevatnet is a great option, and if you take the path down to the left you can choose between Munkebotsvatnet and Langevatnet, that has a little “beach”. 

The beach at Marineholmen.

The beach at Marineholmen.

Beaches and bathing areas

You can find designated swimming areas both in central Bergen and in the surrounding areas, with everything from piers and beaches to parks and outdoor areas.

Arboretet (The Arboretum)

At Arboretet in Milde, you'll find exotic trees, shrubs, and the Nordic regions largest rhododendron selection, right along side areas where you can swim and even go fishing! From the car park at Dalsmyra, there is a road towards Miniarboretet and Grønnevika. The Blondehuset café is also open some days during summer. Check out Skyss for more information on transportation. 


Around Gamlehaugen, which is the king's residence in Bergen, there is an English park that is open to the public. Here you can swim, take a walk, or throw a frisbee on the lawn. To get there from central Bergen, take the bicycle path towards Bønes.


15 minutes by bus from the city center you will find the outdoor area Helleneset in Lønborg. Equipped with a children's pool, diving board, shower and toilets, Helleneset is a popular area to spend the summer days. For climbers there are good opportunities to climb the slope rock wall, but be aware, on nice days it is normally packed with climbers. Helleneset is located two kilometers north of NHH and is easy accesible by bus or other means of transportation. 

Krohnegården badeplass (Krohnegården bathing place)

Krohnegården is a sheltered, renovated bathing place on Melkeplassen, between Fyllingsdalen and Laksevåg. With easy access for everyone, you can barbecue, enjoy the sun, or jump into Storavatnet. The swimming area has a walking path and is equipped with a ramp.


Kyrkejetangen is located near Nordåsvannet, and has a beach, sloped rocks, a diving board, and plenty of parking spaces. To get there follow the bike route from the center towards Bønes.

Marineholmen sandstrand

Located right next to BI and Marineholmen you will find this new Møhlenpris beach. Here, 240 cubic meters of shell sand were laid along the water's edge at Marineholmen, in a private initiative that is open to everyone. Bathing is at your own risk. Stay up to date on water quality measurements on Marineholmen's website (In norwegian only). 

Møllendal brygge

Møllendal brygge is a great place to take a jog, with a path that goes around Store Lungegårdsvann, and then take a dip! Piers have recently been built at Møllendal where you can swim from or sunbathe on. Nearby you’ll find a grocery store and ‘Fetevare’, a restaurant that serves delicious pizza and drinks. This swimming spot is quite popular, so it can get quite busy on a hot day. 

Øen Store Lungegårdsvann

Designed by the Bergen School of Architecture, ‘Storelungeren’ is a floating meeting place and wooden pavillion. The pavillioin has been nicknamed ‘The Idland’ because the construction looks like an island from the air. Storelungeren is a nice place to take a dip after a jog or sunbathe and is located right near the AdO Arena.

Wood-fired saunas at Marineholmen.

Wood-fired saunas at Marineholmen.


Like it hot? Let’s be honest; the water in the fjord can be rather cold. A hot sauna might make it a bit more tolerable.

Heit Bergen sauna

Heit Bergen sauna has to wood-fired saunas located at Marineholmen. The saunas can either be rented for private groups, or you can buy a ticket for public sauna.

City Sauna

City Sauna is located at Frydenbø marina at Laksevåg. The saunas can be booked by small or large groups, and it’s even possible to go for a sauna cruise on the fjord.