Packing list

Here are some suggestions about what to consider packing for your time studying abroad in Norway.


Norwegian student style tends to be casual or sporty during the day and semi-casual when going out. It is unlikely that you will need formal clothes. It is more important to plan for varying, but often inclement conditions with practical clothes. To this end, it is helpful to have layers that you can put on and take off.

A couple of key items in Bergen

Bergen is a rainy city surrounded by beautiful mountains. In order to get the most of it, it is vital to adopt the Norwegian mentality, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". The following two items may be key for taking on this Norwegian mindset - and Bergen's climate.

  • Rain gear: Both a rain shell jacket and rain pants are ideal. 
  • Base layers (e.g. long underwear or thermal underwear): Especially if you plan to hike, a favorite Norwegian pastime, having a base layer for your torso and legs is important. Norwegians consider wool the best fabric for a base layer. 

General clothes list

  • T-shirts/long-sleeved shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts/jacket/winter coat
  • Leggings/long underwear/pants/jeans
  • Scarves/gloves/hats
  • Socks/underwear/bras
  • Specialized clothes such as workout gear or skiing gear


Bergen is a rainy and walkable city, though it has many areas with extremely rough roads made of cobblestones. Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in for long periods. Ideally, shoes should also be waterproof.

  • Hiking boots
  • Rain boots
  • Running/training shoes
  • Casual/semi-formal shoes

Household needs

Whether in a student hostel or a flat in the city, there are a number of household items you may need.


  • Towel(s), washcloths, handtowels, dishtowels.
  • Duvet, duvet-cover, sheets, pillow cases.


  • Deodorant, dental floss, cosmetics, razors, tampons.
  • Some medicines and supplements are not available or hard to find, for example cold medicine and antibiotic ointment. Others are very expensive or dosed differently, including some vitamins. Take the time to research the availability of any staples you rely on. Internet searches or joining Facebook groups such as Norway Expats or Bergen Expats to ask questions may be helpful.

Study supplies

As with nearly all of the packing list, study supplies can be purchased in Bergen, but are likely to be more expensive than in your home country. High education institutions only allow certain types of calculators at the exams. Make sure to check which ones your institutions allows.

  • Academic texts.
  • Writing /highlighting implements.
  • Post-its/adhesive page markers.
  • Notebooks/folders, etc.


When considering electronics, be sure you know if you need any conversion equipment or adaptors for your electronics in order to plug them in.  

  • Cell phone/tablet/laptop.
  • Converters/adaptors.

Important documents

Make sure you bring any vital documents along with you. Examples include:

  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • School transcripts if you need them to verify your prior education.
  • A copy of your Letter of Acceptance from the Norwegian Institution you will attend.
  • Prescriptions
  • Up-to-date healthcare insurance 

You probably don't have room in your luggage to bring everything you will need for your entire stay in Norway. Not to worry, while Norway is an expensive country, it is possible to find items that fit a student budget.