Cost of living

Whether you are deciding if studying in Bergen is the right choice for you, or you have already committed to a study programme, it helps to have an idea of potential financial expectations during your studies. 

Prices in Norway tend to be high, but since most institutions do not charge a tuition fee, studying in Norway might still be affordable.

All education in public academic institutions is free in Norway, apart from a semester fee (NOK 550 - 590) to the Student Welfare Organization. Private institutions charge a small fee, but this is generally very low compared to most countries.

Average prices

VAT is included in Norwegian prices.


Tips are not expected at cafés and bars. Tap water is generally of high quality, so there is no need to buy water in cafes or restaurants.

  • Main course at a restaurant: NOK 175 - 300.
  • Main course at a café/low-cost restaurant: NOK 85 - 200.
  • Coffee at a café: NOK 30 - 45.

Student Cafés

  • Coffee/Tea: NOK 14 - 20.
  • Dinner: NOK 55 - 100.
  • Pre-made sandwiches, salads, soups: NOK 30 - 70.

Take a look at the Sammen (Bergen's student welfare organisation) website for information about student cafeterias.


Single room or small flat at Fantoft Student Village: NOK 2715 - 4080. 

Single room in shared flat in the city center (private market): NOK 3500 - 7500


The general price level on clothing and electronics is 5 - 20 % above the EU average.

Most Norwegians use debit/credit cards to pay, even in small kiosks, and in some places (7-eleven, Rema 1000, etc) you can use your mobile to pay (MobilePay). VISA and Mastercard are widely accepted and many stores has also implemented cashless payment.