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Student Welfare

Integrating into student life in a new city offers challenges and opportunities. The links below can help you navigate student life in Bergen. 

At the institution you are attending:

Bergen's student welfare organisation:

Bergen has a student welfare organisation called SAMMEN ("together"). It is an organisation that attends to the well-being of the students from a number of insitutions. The students of the member institutions pay a semester fee in order to access SAMMEN-services. SAMMEN coordinates student housing and cafeterias and offers physical and mental healthcare services, career counselling, training centres and more. 


Sammen Housing has over 4000 small units both within and just outside the city center. The price for a room is normally somewhat below market price. International students are given priority. 


Sammen Cafe operates 17 food and beverage outlets in Bergen, including all faculties at the university and NHH. Here you can find a salad bar, a wide selection of sandwiches and a dinner menu in the largest venues, as well as coffee, tea and cold drinks at a student-friendly price. 


Sammen Health offers free psychological service and a provides access to a health center and reduced-cost dental care for students. 


Sammen Training runs 7 student gyms in Bergen, placed in the city center or at academic institutions. Prices are subject to change every semester. As of October 2019 the price is NOK 1100 per semester. 

Career & Counselling

Sammen Career & Counselling (Sammen Råd og Karriere) is a free service for students in Bergen.  Counsellors can help review your CV or job application and provide career advice and guidance. They are also versed in the practicalities of finding work in Norway if you are an international student and can provide information about local companies on request. Their career and counselling services include short-courses (in Norwegian).

Sammen Career & Counselling welcomes students to visit them for a 15-minute drop in session (weekdays 13.00 - 14.30) or to book a 45 appointment with a career counsellor (English is fine). 
You can book an appointment with SAMMEN Career & Counselling here.

Contact SAMMEN Career & Counselling

Telephone: 55 54 52 90 
Location: SAMMEN Career & Counselling's office is in the 4th floor of the Student Centre (above the swimming pool). 
Hours: 09.00-15.30 Monday through Friday. (15 minute drop-in sessions available weekdays 13.00-14.30).

Other resources:

  • Student Organisations are a great way to get involved in student life. They may also offer information, events, and ways to connect with other students. For example, Erasmus Student Network (ESN) offers a Student Guide, as well as events, a buddy programme, etc.
  • The international student blog from UiB for information offers first hand experiences of being an international student in Bergen.  
  • Bergen's student newspaper, Studvest, may also be a useful resource. Studvest has a selection of articles in English.