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Shopping on a student budget in Bergen

Let us helt you find some less expensive alternatives to shopping.

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It is important to note that ordering from online shops outside of Norway may not save you money. Items costing over a specific amount may be subject to toll and import duties, and shipping costs to Norway tend to be high. It is necessary to account for these extra expenses when considering online purchases. 

Retail stores in Bergen

The following stores have items that students may find useful, such as household goods, furnishings, electronics, outdoor gear, and clothes. Students who are used to lower prices in their home countries may find these stores more reasonably priced. Additionally, it is generally helpful to shop during seasonal sales when it is common for many stores to offer substantial discounts.

A selection of stores for household items:

A selection of stores for clothes:

New clothes:


 Outdoor/sporting goods:


Flea Markets

Coop OBS Hypermarked

You may also wish to explore the retail options in Bergen sentrum (website in Norwegian). Joining byVENN's kundeklubb (customer club) of participating stores in Bergen may provide discount offers and coupons, easily accessible via their app. 

Grocery options

Grocery prices may vary store to store and depending on the item. Stores considered less expensive include Rema 1000 and Kiwi. ‘First Price’ or ‘Rema 1000’ brand foods tend to be less expensive.


At this time there are no import taxes when sending books to Norway. It is possible you may save some money by ordering books online from sites such as Book Depository. Make sure to consider shipping costs when deciding whether or not to order books online.

Opening hours

Opening hours in Norway varies from store to store, but chain-stores and general retail stores have opening hours 8.00-21.00. Bars and clubs open at 22.00 and closes at 21.00-3.00. Government offices usually closes around 15.00-16.00 and are closed on weekends. On Saturday, stores usually close around 18.00. On Sundays and holidays, most stores except a few grocery stores are closed. Vinmonopolet (official stores operated by the Norwegian government that have exclusive rights to sell alcoholic beverages above 4.7%) closes on 18.00 on weekdays and 15.00 on Saturdays.