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Free help and advice for students

Many organisations offer free advice with for example law, private finance and health.


Jussformidlingen offers free legal aid within almost all legal-matters related to civil-law (they do not assist with criminal-law). 


Økonomiformidlingen provides free financial advice concerning personal finances.

Bergen Indepdendent Social Advice Office (BUS)

Bergen independent social advice office (BUS) is a free service run by volunteers. You can come here if you need to talk to someone about the hardships in your life, if you need guidance concerning help from a public office, or if you have received a decision from a public office that you are dissatisfied with.

Sammen Career Center

Sammen Career center offers individual counselling regarding any matter you would like to discuss, for example motivation, career opportunities, exam anxiety or social skills. The service is free of charge and all the counsellors are bound by client confidentiality.

Sammen Free Health Care Centre

Sammen Free Health Care Centre offers information and testing for sexually transmitted diseases, advice regarding contraceptives, prescription for contraceptives, counselling regarding pregnancy and abortion, and free condoms.

Sammen Mental Health Care Centre

Psychologists at Sammen’s Mental Health Care Centre (SPH) offer free counselling and therapy. Clinical psychologists in cooperation with psychiatrists provide the SPH counselling services. When you get in touch with SPH, an initial session is set up within two-four weeks.

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