View from Vidden. Photo.


Vidden, the trip over the mountain plateau between Ulriken and Fløyen, is a popular hike for Bergenserne (the Bergen-citizens) especially on Sundays.

For this trip, you have the option of starting at either Mount Fløyen or Mount Ulriken and then finishing at the other one. This enables the use of Fløibanen or Ulriksbanen for a slightly shorter alternative with less vertical ascent and/or descent. In other words, you can take the Ulriken cable car up, walk the Vidden plateau trail, and then take the Fløibanen back to the city center. 

The trip across Vidden is approximately 15 km and you should count on it taking at least 5 hours alone. It may take up to a couple hours longer if you plan to hike up and down from Fløyen and Ulriken. Thirty-five cairns regularly spaced over the plateau mark the route, however foggy conditions can be extremely disorientating, so check the weather forecast before you set out. This trip is across a plateau. It is therefore mostly a relaxing hike offering great views when the weather cooperates but the following should be noted: 

  • Most of the path is over rocky terrain. However, there are sections where it can be quite wet and muddy, so waterproof shoes are sensible. 
  • There are also steep sections. This, coupled with the length of the route, means that you ought to be active and relatively fit to undertake this trip.

How to get there


  • If you are hiking from the bottom of Ulriken take a look at our instructions on getting to and hiking Ulriken
  • If you are taking Ulriksbanen (the cable car) up Ulriken, you can search for transit options to the cable car starting point (Haukelandsbakken 40) on the Skyss Travel Planner. From Fantoft, for example, you can take the Bybane to the Sletten stop. From there, take bus number 3 (final destination will read ‘Støbotn’) to the Haukeland sjukehus Sør stop and walk to the base of Ulriken. From the city centre, start from Småstrandgaten, take bus number 2 or 3 (final destination will read ‘Birkelundstoppen’) to the Haukeland sjukehus Sør stop and walk to the base of Ulriken. 


  • If you are hiking from the bottom of Fløyen, you may want to read more about Fløyen
  • The start of Fløyen can be easily walked to from the city centre. Byparken would be your stop if you are taking Bybanen, for example.
  • From the top of Mount Fløyen you have several hiking options. Signs will tell you where to go. 

The Hike is a useful guide to Norwegian mountains, but is only in Norwegian. Use a translator if you have one. A good idea is to keep a printed map of the area you are hiking in your pocket. It is also advisable to bring a compass if hiking in high terrain. Your phone can loose battery or loose coverage.

Please be familiar with safe hiking practices while in Norway. If you are new to hiking, make sure to go with experienced hikers or join an a group that offers experienced tour leaders, such as BSI. For more information about hikes in the Bergen area, you may also wish to explore the Hiking around Bergen, Norway Facebook page.