Store Lungegårdsvannet

A pleasant and flat trip around a lake close to the city centre.

Store Lungegårdsvann (literally "large lung farm's water", but actually named after the estate of a Danish nobleman, Vicens Lunge) is a bay connected to Puddefjorden (one of the branches of Byfjorden, or "the City Fjord", that creates the pennisula of Nordnes). It used to connect directly to Lille Lungegårdsvannet (also called Smålungeren by the locals), the small pond near Festplassen in the city centre, but it was partially filled in in the 1950's.These days the two bodies of water are still connected, but now it is via an underground channel. This, along with some handy bridges, makes strolling around Storelungegårdsvann easy.

As the route around Storelugegårdsvannet is basically flat, it is a good choice for a walk or a running route in the city. You can read more about Store Lungegårdsvannet here. 

Getting there

  • It is very easy to get to from the city centre, especially Bystasjonen (the bus station).
  • If you need to use public transit to get into the city centre, You can search for the best transit options on the Skyss Travel Planner. Bystasjonen and Florida, among other stops, are great options for places to start walking. You can read more about Bergen transport in our transportation guide.

The route