A famous route up a rough stone stairway from Fjellveien to Sandviksfjellet mountain.

Stolzekleiven, also called Stolzen, has a gradient of 315.5 meters and consists of 801 steps. The steps are a quick way up Sandviksfjellet, one of the traditional seven mountains that surround the city of Bergen. Stolzekleiven is frequented by locals for exercise and those training for the annual race to the top of Stolzekleiven called Stolzekleiven Opp. Perhaps you can set a new speed record for ascending Stolzekleiven. The records from Stolzekleiven Opp currently stand at 7.54 minutes (men) or 9.35 minutes (women). 

How to get there

The Hike

  • One route to get there is to begin at Fjellveien, 3.11 km. 
  • Or you can take the Stolzekleiven Opp route, 0.8 km. is a useful tool for getting outdoors in Norway but is only available in Norwegian. Keep Google translate handy if needed. 
  • Another option is to take a round trip up Stoltzekleiven and down Fløyen, starting from near the Fløibane Station, 8.8 km. 
  • If you are looking for suggestions for other routes to Stolzekleiven, check out the interactive map at to search for more options. In order to limit searches to hiking trips, select "fotturer" only. You will also have to zoom in on Bergen in order to search for routes.
Please be familiar with safe hiking practices while in Norway. If you are new to hiking, make sure to go with experienced hikers or join an a group that offers experienced tour leaders, such as BSI. For more information about hikes in the Bergen area, you may also wish to explore the Hiking around Bergen, Norway Facebook page.