Umbrella maneuvering

Here's a guide with techniques to help you maneuver your umbrella, as well as some common umbrella etiquette you should follow.

Rain in Bergen. Not exactly unexpected. Here, the rain not only pours down, but it can rain sideways and sometimes even seemingly defy gravity and rain back up again. But how can you really protect yourself against the rain, and what common etiquette should you follow when you use an umbrella in Bergen?

1. The archer

The archer is a classic technique for maneuvering an umbrella when it’s windy. Hold on to the very top part of your umbrella with one hand. Then hold the other hand on the handle. Hold it tight and move with the wind.

This secures a good grip for sudden gusts of wind.

2. Umbrella sharing

On some occasions, you might only have one umbrella available. Place it in the middle between you. Make sure you walk coordinated and with the same rhythm. By doing this, you prevent one of you from falling out of the dry zone.

The tallest person should hold the umbrella. This can be slightly difficult if there is a big height difference.

3. Right of way

Often, you can run into others maneuvering umbrellas. A good rule is to keep to your right. If the street is too narrow, the tallest person should lift their umbrella while passing by.

Same height? The one with the biggest umbrella should lift theirs as they are passing by.

4. Gone with the wind?

In heavy winds, your umbrella is likely to go berserk. If you’re adamant on both keeping it up and not giving up, you’ll need guts to beat the gusts! Confidence and determination is key. Tilt your umbrella forwards, bend your back slightly and walk head on into the wind. Be warned though, this is a maneuver that will severely limit your line of sight!

Try to look out for other pedestrians if possible, or wear rain gear instead of an umbrella.

5. Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

For some people, it is important to look fashionable. If weather and wind allow it, you could try out a couple of poses. Get into the world of Rihanna and pretend you're in a music video. Not your genre? How about “Singing in the rain”?

Warning: This can look a bit ridiculous for people passing by. Find a peaceful place or dance like no one is watching. 

6. Give up

If you’ve ever experienced walking with a rogue umbrella, you’ll know that sometimes it only makes things worse and that it won’t keep you dry at all. Stop fighting. Realise that you are guaranteed to get wet. In these conditions rain gear and a pair of wellingtons are your best friend.

Another important thing: Think about it. Do you really need an umbrella today, or is a hood or rain jacket a better alternative?